Instagram has officially taken over my life and I love everything about. Mainly because I get to stalk the lives and become virtual best friends (in my mind) with some of my favorite stylish and chic celebrities. But my new thing is fashionably adorable little kids. #TeamMunchkin!

I don’t remember all of this being available when my son was a kid. Or perhaps I was just too lazy to stray away from Old Navy and The Gap. Shopping for kids has officially become a fashion show waiting to happen–but I adore this movement. Check out some of the most adorable little ones who possess hella swag!

Fashionable Kids Who Outswag Us All
14 photos

Cute right. Almost makes me want to have more babies or adopt a small village in South Africa–NOT! Anyways, if you have any adorable pictures of your little one, tag us on Instagram!


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