Kanye West must’ve had a good day because he played Mr. Nice Guy to street photographers during as gas station stop in Los Angeles.

According to footage obtained by TMZ, the rapper not only smiled, but he chatted it up and revealed the real reason behind his paparazzo attack at LAX in July.

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“That’s the day I found out that my grandfather was not going to make it,” he said. “He passed just two weeks later.’

He went to on to say that photog Daniel Ramos purposely tried to antagonize him.

“I tried to stop his camera and stuff. He fell down, faked it and then people are talking about ‘Oh no, why did you hit that guy?’ I obviously didn’t hit the guy,” he explained.

He went on to tell the paparazzi that “we are in this together.”

“I know you guys are going to photographer me. It makes a cool photo, I know I have a cool-a** car and sh*t. I have a dope-a** outfit on, it’s all good. We are in this together,” he said. “You guys help me influence. You help with the family, you help Kim’s power and everything. So I am not trying to be at you guys in any negative way, I don’t want you guys to be negative to me and I would prefer that we just have a decent relationship.”


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