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There are so many myths and stories about how breast cancer develops, how to prevent it and whether or not it’s genetic. However, we must understand that breast cancer can be many diseases, and therefore it is important to get educated about our own bodies and how breast cancer pertains to us as individuals.

Must Read: As A Breast Cancer Survivor, I Urge You To Be Proactive & Get Checked!

In my case, breast cancer did not run in my family. I was generally healthy and yet I still developed a very early form of breast cancer. Ductoral Carcinoma In-Situ (DCIS) is the earliest form of breast cancer and is not life-threatening, yet doctors don’t know which cases of DCIS will go on to become a potentially invasive disease. With that said, I proceeded with a very aggressive treatment for what may or may not have become harmful.

Although I was diagnosed only in my right breast, it was a large area of cancer cells in my milk ducts and I decided to remove both breasts (a double mastectomy) to ease my fears of this disease returning. Actress Angelina Jolie also underwent a double mastectomy because she tested BRCA-positive, which meant she was carrying a mutated gene that put her at a significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer. She chose to be proactive to ease her fears of possibly developing this disease. Two different backgrounds, yet very similar stories. Being proactive is what saved our lives.

Getting yearly physical exams, doing monthly self breast exams and knowing your family health history are all great tools for learning and knowing your body.

Be Fearless! Get Checked! Live Strong!

About Michel Sproles:

Michel Sproles is a businesswoman, mother of two and wife of New Orleans Saints Running Back, Darren Sproles. She is also an advocate for healthcare and encourages African Americans to get routine check ups in order to be and stay healthy. She believes that early detection saves lives and shares her testimony to urge others in her community to stay on top of their healthcare.

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