Gregg Threatens To Call Off The Wedding

Gregg was under a lot of stress from dealing with the pre-nup, the wedding planner and his family drama. He called Peter, Cynthia’s husband, to hear what he thought about possibly canceling the wedding and just going own to the courthouse to sign the papers. Peter tried to talk Gregg out of his feelings but Gregg seemed to be at his breaking point. He was nervous that things would end up back in the gutter that they came out of but wanted so desperately to make Nene happy. He later went to talk to Nene about his feelings, but of course she was dealing with her own wedding stress. They were only a few weeks away from the wedding and they were getting ready to change planners!

Nene assured Gregg that they would have to look for another wedding planner and that the show must go on. This was Nene’s second chance at love and she refused to cancel it! Plus, she definitely didn’t want to be the laughing stock of all of her celebrity friends and not have the wedding of her dreams.  We’ll see if she can pull it off…

Do you think Nene and Gregg should have called off the ceremony and do courthouse nuptials instead for the second time around?

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