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The government is still currently shutdown and we’re starting to feel the affects of the standoff between the Democrats and Republicans who are far too stubborn to bend on their views of funding for the government. Because of the shutdown, many government services and agencies are closed, suspended or otherwise impacted.

In short, this isn’t good. It’s been a full day and there seems to be no reprieve in sight.

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In case you want to know how this personally affects you, girlfriend, here’s a few things that we won’t be able to do…

1. Check To See If Your New Boo Has A Job Or Is At Least Eligible For One

No, I don’t want no scrubs! While many employers use the E-Verify program to prove work status in the U.S., I’m convinced that some women may use it to keep tabs on their man’s employment status. But there will be no logging on…see?

2. Finally Start Your New Business

I know you’ve been working hard on your plan to be an entrepreneur. But here’s the thing, existing loans will be honored, but if you’ve just gotten around to applying for your small business loan, your application won’t even be accepted.

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