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2013 has been the year of facial oils, but how do I convince a woman who already has oily skin, that putting more oil on top of what she already naturally produces, won’t make her skin worse, but better? Done and done. I do that by telling her the facts:

As we age, the oil we need to keep our skin moisturized and wrinkle-free decreases year-after-year. So applying oils like Olive and Coconut oils, which gets absorbed beyond the lipid (fatty) layer of our skin, ultimately plumps it with the moisture we so desperately need, so we look younger, longer.

When used in facial oils, the ingredient Argan oil decreases inflammation caused by some anti-aging products – just apply at night after all treatments. If applied before treatment products, then it helps your skin better absorb the retinols and Vitamins found in anti-aging creams. Facial oils also act as antioxidants – barriers against environmental elements. Apply in the AM before treatment products.

From Lumene Finland comes Complete Rewind Intensive Recovery Beauty Oil ($29.99, This facial oil isn’t made with any of the aforementioned ingredients. But it does have fatty acids Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9, along with Wild Arctic Sea Buckthorn that do all of the same things like trap moisture, improve suppleness, help decrease the appearance of wrinkles and improve uneven skin tone.

Despite what you may think, facial oils aren’t your skin’s enemy, but its friend. This particular formulation dissipates rather quickly and leaves no residue that could clog your pores. What is left behind is the feeling that your skin will look and feel rejuvenated after regular twice daily use.

The grade for ’Complete Rewind’? A+


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