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On last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives,” Tasha’s “head butt” comments were still lingering in the air and it bothered Ev so much so she had to excuse herself from their girls dinner, to release a couple of tears. Seriously, what was Tasha thinking? Domestic violence is NEVER funny and neither is her whole chef situation. Obviously, Ev wasn’t too fond of Tasha at that moment and Suzie either for that matter, so the group spent most of the episode trying to figure out where their friendship lied. Meanwhile, Tasha was preparing for the grand opening of her weave bar and her big birthday bash which actually caused more drama than it should have.

Find out what happened below.

Domestic Violence Is Never Funny

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We all know that domestic violence is a touchy subject and is especially nothing to poke fun at. Even though Tasha and Suzie said they didn’t have malicious intentions when laughing about the “head butt” comment, it obviously affected Ev in a huge way to the point where she felt the need to meet with Suzie and Tasha one on one to clear the air.

Ev first met with Suzie who thought that Tasha and Ev were great friends who’ve known each other for years so she felt as if the joke was coming from a loving place. Excuse me, what? Ev explained to Suzie that no matter how tight she and Tasha may have been that was something that should never be made fun of. Ev also went on to tell Suzie that if she didn’t understand that then they didn’t need to be friends. Yikes! We all know how badly Suzie wanted to be Ev’s friend so I’m sure she was shaking in her boots as that comment! Suzie felt disappointed in herself that she didn’t stand up for Ev but then stated that she didn’t know Tasha well enough to put her in her place… but knew her well enough to laugh at her horrible jokes. Girl…

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Later in the episode, Ev met with Tasha to discuss the comments and Tasha explained to Ev that the comment just came out of her mouth and that she never meant to hurt Ev. Ev then brought up the situation with Tasha’s ex and the chef and Tasha still didn’t seem to understand the connection stating that infidelity and domestic abuse were two different things.  Hopefully after this conversation the girls can put this whole fiasco behind them because I for one am tired of the back and forth. Sheesh!

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