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Jill Scott has love for her son, but the sultry singer said she’s not interested in having any more kids.

“I thought about it a lot,” she told “The Breakfast Club” DJs at Power 105.1. “I would want to be married. I don’t ever want to do single motherhood again.”

Jill still has a relationship with her son’s father, and she relies on her “village” to help her raise their child.

“I keep my village together. I’ve got some really incredible friends who look out for me and look out for my son. His father is definitely a part of our lives. He takes time to spend with his son,” said Jill who is dating.

She has faith that there are good men out there, but Jill said she also needs a man with some ambition and some backbone.

“If you’re scared of me, I will eat you. There’s no point in me dating someone who’s afraid of me because I can walk all over you. Who wants that? Nobody wants that. I’ll end up doing all that and feel and about it,” she admitted.

Although she clearly enjoys being a woman, Jill said she also wants a man who considers her a friend. “I gotta be your boy,” she said.

She was married once and engaged after that, but Jill said things with her fiancé just didn’t work out.

“We weren’t meant to be,” she shrugged. “We did each other a favor.”

While she has her list of preferences and necessities, Jill said her main criterion is simple.

“The biggest pointer for a man dealing with me is that you have to treat me like a person, and you have to treat me like a lady,” she said.

Jill talks about her music, acting, dieting and more. Watch it below.

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