A prolific singer, Rihanna has released an album every year for the last four years. So, it’s no wonder that she has many unreleased tracks — and that some have leaked to the internet. Check out 10 unreleased Rihanna songs:

1. “Bubble Pop” (2009)

Produced by (and featuring), Rihanna samples Inner City’s “Good Life.” It’s an infectious pop tune that may have felt it didn’t fit in with her darker 2009 album “Rated R.”

2. “Haunted” (2008)

On this mournful ballad, Rihanna talks about the ghosts of an ex. “I can compete with a memory,” she sings. “How I can fight with someone that I can’t see.” The track, produced by Timberland, wound up getting released on “Def Jam Sessions Vol. 1.”

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3. “Cry” (2008)

Like “Haunted,” “Cry” was left off the album “Good Girl Gone Bad,” though it was later included as a UK bonus track. Rihanna pours out her grief over a breakup in this beautiful, elegiac ballad.

4. “Tip Pon Toe” (2010)

Rihanna draws upon her Caribbean roots for a fun dance track that also didn’t make the cut for “Rated R.”

5. “Bad Girl” (2008)

When this sassy duet between Rihanna and then-boyfriend Chris Brown surfaced online, many fans believed it would be a single on the soundtrack for “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” Alas, it ended up just being a demo, and the Pussycat Dolls sang the official version.

6. “Hole in My Head” (2009)

Featuring friend Justin Timberlake, the propulsive single ended up as a bonus track to “Rated R” for Nokia phone users.

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7. “Winning Women” (2006)

This girl-power anthem featuring Nicole Scherzinger was likely meant for 2007’s “Good Girl Gone Bad,” but ended up not making the cut.

8. “Hatin’ on the Club” (2008)

Featuring the Dream, this is a beat-heavy number that might not have fit in with the more melancholy “Rated R” album.

9. “Sexuality” (2010)

Another “Rated R” reject, Rihanna heavily samples Prince’s funk classic “Controversy.” Why this sensual track didn’t make the cut is anyone’s best guess.

10. “Goodbye”

It seems like Rihanna has more tracks that were excluded than included on “Rated R.” This sorrowful song seems to fit the album’s mood, but many speculated it was left off because it was about ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

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