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It’s no surprise that most of us are happiest on Friday. I love waking up on Friday morning and realizing that after eight diligent hours of work, I am set free to the juiciest part of the week–the weekend!

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However, not everyday has the upbeat feeling that Friday boasts. Sunday nights are the saddest for a 9-5’er. We’re often thinking about the hectic work-week that is looming over our heads. Not anymore! #TeamBeautiful has five tips for you to make your everyday feel just like your favorite day–Friday!

Check out our tips below:

1. Connect Who You Truly Are With What You Do

There’s nothing like passion. It motivates us to continue to strive towards our goals. Not everyone is lucky enough to have their passions as their careers. In case you’re one of the unlucky ones, you have to discover your passion and allow it to shine in every aspect of your day–even when you’re doing things you hate.

2. Leave Your Desk

I’m one of those crazy people that comes to work and doesn’t leave until the job is done. I bring my lunch and eat it at my desk. I didn’t realize how much getting up and getting fresh air in my lungs made a difference. But once a week, I try my best to get up and get out. Walking around, smelling the city air, feeling the wind whip against my face and having the sun beam down on you (even if it’s a rainy day, fresh air is still uplifting) can create a sense of calm, where you may have been flustered.

3. Reward Yourself

Giving yourself an incentive for accomplishing a task is not only healthy, but motivating. If you know that you have a big presentation due this week and it’s taken all of your energy to complete it, telling yourself that you’re going to give yourself a treat will help you complete your task with quality and in a timely manner. Your prize to yourself could be something as small as a piece of candy or as substantial as a handbag. Treats have this special way of highlighting the day, therefore allowing you to feel like the week has flown by and you’re ready to usher in the weekend!

4. Listen To Music

I cannot work in silence. I get extremely distracted when there’s no background noise. Music has this therapeutic way of increasing productivity and almost carrying the day forward. Put your favorite artist into Pandora and jam the day away without worry! Who do you know that is worried on Fridays? No one!

5. Open Your To Do List To Easy Tasks

I know what you’re thinking. To do lists are never easy! But here’s a trick–put easy to accomplish things on there, like, “Call mom,” “Make it through 10 emails” or “Connect with one new person” in order to feel productive. These aren’t actually throw-away items, make sure you make them practical things you actually need to get done that don’t really take much effort. The level of satisfaction you get when you get to cross them off feels just like Friday!

How do you make your days feel like the best day of the week?

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