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Our favorite reality couple, Tamar and Vince, are back for another season of, “Tamar & Vince” on WETV. Cameras were there to document Tamar’s pregnancy despite months of refusing to trade in her banging body and ability to drop it like it’s hot for a baby bump and stroller.

Since Tamar’s pregnancy was unplanned, she feared that she wouldn’t be able to continue to work with a big ol’ pregnant belly. Luckily for her, her “baby daddy” was right by her side through it all and reassured her that everything would work out according to God’s will. Amen to that!

Find out what happened below.

Papa Braxton Refuses To Move In With Tamar & Vince

Now that Tamar was pregnant, she needed all of the help she could get especially since she refused to let a little baby bump and swollen feet stop her from working. Since her mother was already living in LA with the couple, Tamar decided that she would enlist her father to come and live with them too for extra help–after all, Tamar was daddy’s little girl so it was a no brainer that he HAD to help.

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Tamar was shocked that Papa Braxton turned down the offer to move in since his new wife probably wouldn’t like him and his ex wife, Evelyn, under the same roof. Papa Braxton also wanted to enjoy his retirement years in peace without living in a chaotic house with a pregnant woman and her husband, his ex wife and soon to be baby grandson. And who could blame him!?

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