LeBron James has teamed with the man behind shows like “The Cosby Show,” “3rd Rock from the Sun” and “Roseanne” to create a new series for Starz.

According to the Associated Press, the Miami Heat star will executive produce the scripted half-hour show, tentatively titled Survivor’s Remorse, with producer Tom Werner. The comedy will take place in Philadelphia and explore “what truly happens when you make it out” of the hood.

In the series, a combination of God-given talent and north Philly grit has allowed Cam Calloway and Reggie Vaughn to achieve fame and fortune that neither could have imagined growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. But success comes with its own challenges, and the cousins and confidantes wrestle with the rewards of money, stardom, love, and occasionally, the guilt of having “made it.”

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“I think the main thing for me is, first of all, making it out of a place where you’re not supposed to. You’re supposed to be a statistic and end up like the rest of the people in the inner city — [and] being one of the few to make it out and everyone looking at you to be the savior,” James said. “When you make it out, everyone expects — they automatically think that they made it out and it’s very tough for a young, African-American 18-year-old kid to now hold the responsibility of a whole city, of a whole community. I can relate to that as well.”

“I have a deep passion for the amazing television being created right now,” the MVP added. “I love ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ ‘Magic City,’ ‘Scandal’ and ’24.’ When my business partners Tom Werner and Maverick Carter brought up the idea of creating a television series that would capture the story of what happens when you make it out, I jumped at the chance. For Maverick and I even to be where we are right now, given where we came from, is kind of hard to believe.”

James went on to say that he feel sleek this is really “a story that needed to be told.”

“[Tom Werner] has an incredible vision for television and I’m really excited to partner with him and the rest of our team,” he said.


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