Sean Kingston Settles Rape Case

Jamaican singer Sean Kingston made headline news when a 22-year-old girl accused him and his former bodyguards of allegedly gang raping her back in 2010. According to TMZ, Kingston and the victim reached a settlement, but Kingston doesn’t want it to be confused for guilt.

Kingston reportedly doesn’t have time to go to trial, he is in the middle of promoting his new album and about to embark on a tour.

“Her story wasn’t consistent. She told various stories throughout her interviews with police. Her friend’s story wasn’t consistent with hers. The medical report had no indications of force,” a source said.

The gigs are already slipping away after the settlement announcement.

The University of Western Ontario canceled Sean Kingston’s September 7th appearance for orientation week saying, “Having Mr. Kingston perform could cloud the values surrounding O-Week,” adding the school has “zero tolerance for sexual assault.”

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