4. Capture the Details: Naturally you’ll want to capture the big landmarks that define the places you visit, but pay attention to the details, too! Photograph your train ticket, the flowers at the farmer’s market, the hand painted sign at that cute little jewelry shop, the seashell you find on the beach, the glass of wine you had at dinner, the ladybug crawling on a stick in the National Forest and the red door of that cottage you walk by on your way to the coffee shop each morning.

5. Look Beyond the Setting: Remember that where you are is just one aspect of your vacation. Be sure to photograph the characters as well–such as your traveling companions and the city’s residents–and the stories that occur while traveling, whether it’s your child’s first time petting a dolphin or the way she reacts the moment she sees Cinderella Castle at Disneyworld. Better yet, make a point of combining the two, letting the setting provide context and a backdrop for the stories you tell and the characters you capture.

6. Get in the Frame: Do you always find yourself appointed DP (Designated Photographer)? When you look back on the family scrapbook, are you conspicuously absent from vacation photos and birthday parties? Even though you might have the biggest camera or the best eye for composition, it’s important that you get out from behind the lens! Incorporate your family, friends or traveling companions in the shot–then hand your camera over and have them take a few of you, too!

7. See the Sights with Your Own Eyes: Don’t mistake documenting your vacation for experiencing it. It’s wonderful to come home with hundreds of pictures, but don’t forget to put the camera down and soak up every detail with your own eyes. And when you’re done with that, pack that camera back in your bag, and feel the salty spray coming off of the Pacific Ocean, breathe in the fresh air of the Alps, listen for the chimes of Big Ben, or sample the best wines Napa Valley has to offer.

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