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What happens when you go to all your favorite fast food restaurants, camera in tow and record and post reviews of everything from Dunkin Donuts’ Frozen Hot Chocolate to Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Taco? I’ll tell you what happens! The viewing public flocks to your YouTube page, like and comment on your various videos and then the Travel Channel finds you and changes your life with your own show! Don’t believe me? Just ask the Travel Channel’s biggest and boldest new star, Daymon Patterson. This is the man behind one of the most viral reviews ever of Five Guys!

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Daymon is a meat-loving man with an affinity for fast food. He decided one day to play around with a new camera he’d gotten and his YouTube channel, Daym Drops was born. It was this very channel that the Travel Channel found and offered Daym his own weekly show, “The Best Daym Takeout,” where this larger-than-life personality shares the best in mom and pop “fast food” from around the U.S. with his devoted fan following.

I just had to meet this man and learn about his food obsession and his envy-inducing journey to the Travel Channel. We set up our lunch date at one of NYC’s best BBQ fast food joints–Tres Carnes–and I could tell by Daym’s first bite that he was glad I chose the Texas-smoked Mexican-inspired restaurant. With brisket, the most tender pork shoulder you’ve ever had and chicken always on the menu, Tres Carnes has managed to give quick Mexican treats like nachos, tacos and burritos a delicious and authentic down-home flavor you can only get with time-consuming Texas smoking.

Kudos to restauranteur Michael Sinensky (Village Pourhouse, Hudson Terrace, SideBAR, Little Town), his partner and executive chef, Sasha Shor and pit master, Mike Rodriguez for developing and mastering this approachable and culturally-infused dining experience.

Check out what Daym thought of this yummy fusion and get to know more about Mr. “Super Official!”

Prepare to have your guiltiest pleasure foods couple with Daym’s unique style of reviewing on your TV screen every week on the Travel Channel!

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