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Barely dressed in a pair of cheeky panties and long wild hair that draped over her breasts, Paula Patton straddled Denzel Washington in a scene in “2 Guns” that will forever be remembered in every woman’s fantasy. They kissed and touched like any romantic couple would but Paula and Washington have it in common, they are both married and while we think they’re the perfect looking couple (when our head isn’t pictured on her shoulders) they are both married (and not to each other).

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Paula wed her high school sweetheart Robin Thicke in 2005 and together they have a beautiful baby boy. We can see where any man would grow insecure. We’d imagine Robin, who is of another persuasion, threatened by his wife’s role as a irresistible DEA agent who frequently made love to Washington’s character (with plenty compromising positions to prove it). Patton, giggled when we asked her, at the “2 Guns” press conference in NYC, how Robin felt about her steamy scenes with Denzel.

“He will find out on Monday at the premiere [Laughs].  The day before we were going to shoot this, I was thinking about it and these are people that have been together before, and had a conversation, and made love, and it seemed kind of phony to me to have a shirt on, so it sprung it on the co star,” she said. ” So I was like I’m not going to be wearing a top. And I asked Robin before and he said go for it babe. We don’t really get hung up on those types of things. So once I decided to take my shirt off Denzel was like well I’m going to take my shirt off too.”

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