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Sing it with me, “It’s been too long, since you been gone. Feels good when I’m with you. I miss you. Come back home!” You know those iconic lyrics of Monifah’s still danced around in your head when you caught her on your screen on “R&B Divas.”
We caught up with the divas sine the wrap of her tumultuous season and she’s breathing new life into her music career with a new album in the works, living with love in her heart for her fiance, Terez and reintroducing us to the artist we used to vibe to in the 90s. Monifah revealed to us that, “Honesty about who I am and where I’m at, wherever that may be. And being able to embrace that or change it. And now I am able to see myself clearly.”
Allow us to give you a chance to see Monifah clearly too:

*My last moment of lust was…the other day. I was lusting in my mind. It’s a crush! Oh, sex! Actually, I had some. I am pretty sexual, I’m pretty comfortable. I do fantasies. It’s like faceless. The crushes are clean.

**I express my love…through listening. I am a great listener. I like to cook. I’m sort of a pamperer. I like to do little surprises and stuff like that. That makes me smile. I like to make my baby smile.

***The thing I like least about myself is…that I procrastinate. I have to be very deliberate and keep things in the forefront and just bulldoze over it.

****I get over a breakup by…knowing that nothing happens for no reason. In every relationship, you always learn something about yourself. You pick that up and you keep it pushing. Wish them love and keep it pushing.

*****If I was on a deserted island and I could bring three things or people, I’d bring…some books, a telephone and a pen.

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