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Tamera Mowry-Housely knew that she had something special on her hands the first time she sat down with Tamar Braxton and the girls of “The Real.”

Both Tamar and Tamera told us that they had always dreamed of getting into the talk show game at some point in their careers. When the opportunity presented itself, they both leapt at the chance to do a reading for the show. Unlike a regular audition, however, casting directors for “The Real” wanted to know how well their possible panelists would mesh and engage each other.

Recalling that she’d auditioned with at least 20 other women, Tamera recalled going through a couple of cast configurations before producers got the right mix. But when they got it, Tamera said it was electric!

“I knew who the five were going to be when they sat us down. I just knew because I felt it,” Tamera confessed to S2S. “The girls, we just naturally had chemistry. There’s nothing we had to work on, we just clicked and got each other.”

“It’s been the best experience in my adult life thus far,” Tamar said. “[We] get a chance to have girlfriend hour, you know? I feel like in every woman’s life we are searching for girlfriend hour where we get a chance to talk about things that we actually care about.”

She added, “I get paid for it and I get to do it every day for five days? I won seriously!”

“The Real” is the first chat show of it’s kind because all of the hosts are women of color. Some may assume that producers specifically casted the show that way to set themselves apart from other daytime shows, but Tamera revealed that the final casting was more of a happy coincidence.

“It didn’t happen that way that we were all going to be of ethnicity, which I really respect the producers for doing this,” Tamera told S2S. “They didn’t choose that we’re going to have three Black girls , one Latina and one Asian girl. They didn’t do it that way. They just chose the five girls that clicked. I gotta respect that they didn’t cast on ethnicity alone.”

She added, “Although we are all women of different backgrounds, I don’t think this is a Black talk show or an all-ethnic girl talk show. This talk show appeal to everybody. It really really does. You don’t see color when you watch this show, and that ‘s what I love about it.”

While everyone on the show is hilarious, Tamar agrees that they all bring something very different to the table. Adrienne Bailon is the New York girlfriend; Jeannie Mai is the fashionista; Loni Love brings non-stop funny and Tamera is very much the traditional 1950s-esque mom.

“I’m going to give you new millenium mom,” Tamar told S2S. “I went back to work two weeks after my baby was born. I’m keeping it pushing. I’m the mom who’s on the go. I’m juggling everything. I love it, and I get to see [Logan] all the time.”

Tamar and Tamera each have babies at home and lots of other projects aside from “The Real,” but adding the show to their list of to-dos wasn’t a stretch because they both feel it fits into their schedule.

Tamar explained, “The great thing about day time TV is that it’s only a few hours and then I get to come back home and be a mom.”

Check out what else these ladies have to say about everything from hot topics to relationships to fashion and more when “The Real” debuts Monday July 15. Check your local listings to see when you can catch it in your city!

EXCLUSIVE: Tamera Mowry and Tamar Braxton dish about ‘The Real’ cast  was originally published on s2smagazine.com

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