6. Le Meridien, Bangkok

Set in the heart of Thailand’s Bustling city, Le Meridian’s 22nd floor is where all the best action happens. Book on of the large hotel’s “Circular Rooms” and cozy up in one of their iconic round beds in a room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Chao Phraya River.

7. The Donovan House, D.C

A 15 minute walk from the White House, The Donovan House is a boutique hotel with an ultra modern work/play vibe. It has a rooftop pool and a hosts wine hour from 5-6pm everyday.

8. Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

Regarded as one of the kinkiest (and most eccentric) hotels around, Hotel Pelirocco is famous for a suite that features an 8 ft. round bed and a pole dancing corner (you can pre-book lessons though concierge) aptly called “The Playroom.”

9. Glenn Hotel, Atlanta

A scented towel to revive your senses after traveling and a refreshing drink. No you’re not at the hotel’s bar, you’ve just walked in and these treats are all a part of the check-in process. The Glenn Hotel in downtown Atlanta lets you indulge from the second you walk in and doesn’t even after you’ve eating in it’s comfort food themed restaurant and bathed their rooms peek-a-boo showers.

10. Night Hotel, New York

Like it’s name would suggest, Night Hotel is a place that features very little light. Voted sexiest hotel by the editors at Trip Advisor, what I love most is the monochrome design scheme and the erotic art that adorns all it’s walls. And I guess having a copy of the “Karma Sutra” in your night stand could be considered a big plus if you use it right!

11. Galactic Suite Space Resort, Outer Space

This place is outta this world. And by that…I mean literally. At around 4 million dollars for a 4 night stay in this three room hotel space station you can orbit the Earth and gaze at 15 sunrises in the course of one day. With three billion invested in it so far, rumor has it this will be open by 2014.

12. Grace Santorini Hotel, Greece

This stark white hotel lies proudly against the beautiful backdrop of the Aegean Sea begging you to come inside. With a few that will take your breath away and a traditional Greek feel your stay will be picture perfect. It’s “Grace Suite” offers an in room plunge pool, a sun lounge and panoramic views!

13. Kameha Grand, Bonn

Offering views of the Rhine River, this German hotel was designed by famed interior designed Marcel Wanders. The outer look is something out of a movie, but the hotel really shines with it’s topic suites (that have names like Hero, Princess and Beethoven) and Algea spa treatments and personal trainer services.

14. The SLS, Los Angeles

It’s quirky designed suites and innovative room service menu are small potatoes in comparison to the social fun you will have in Tres and The Bazaar, the uniquely designed homes of Jose Andres’ (the hotel’s culinary director, and one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2012) food and drink inventions. Always packed, the SLS hotel is definitely the life of the party in Beverly Hills.

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