Just like most of us, Rihanna enjoys a nice stiff drink…(or two). The “Pour It Up” singer has been photographed with cup on numerous occasions, and when her lipstick isn’t coloring the brim of her glass, it’s shading the end of a bottle. Recently, Badgalriri was spotted stumbling out of the Kings Of Leon concert in Poland while fans boo’d the Bajan beauty.

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Some say it’s an addiction, while others think it’s just the way a 25-year-old, without a typical nine to five job, in the public eye, and living the rock star life would behave. Which ever perspective you feel comfortable with, Ri Ri doesn’t seem to care what the public thinks because she never hides from the camera’s while under the influence (that or she’s too drunk to notice). None-the-less, the pics snapped with her head buried in the neighboring seat, shoes falling off, mouth open, bottle in hand are a tell-tale signs of a wild night.

Let’s go through these “remember that time” moments:

Partying in Las Vegas

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