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Bronzer can be tricky to apply. Too much and you’re face will resemble a bright red beet. Not enough and you’ve literally wasted those precious morning moments that you can never get back. I mean, it’s just not like foundation and is really made to make your life easier in the mornings.

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While it’s in your best interest to adapt a bronzer routine during the summer months, I want you to be well-versed in the techniques of using a bronzer. Here’s three tips for using a bronzer that I think you may have wanted to read yesterday.

Pick The Right Shade

A bronzer is meant to only highlight your natural beauty. So picking out the right shade is crucial. When shopping for a bronzer at a drugstore you should hold the product up to your face to match your color. A perfect solution would be to shop at a store, like Walgreens, where you are able to return it if you’re bought the wrong shade.

If you’re just not savvy enough to purchase from a drugstore, I recommend trying out IMAN’s Bronze Goddess Collection.

Change Your Foundation

If bronzer is merely your accessory for the day (meaning that you are adding it to your look), your foundation color will need to be slightly darker. The bronzer should replace your blush and give you a warm definition around the cheeks.

Upgrade Your Brushes

As a beauty girl your makeup bag should be filled with goodies. But there’s a perfect brush for every product. Yes, there is a bronzer brush. This brush has more bristles and they’re packed tightly together so that you get more color with each swipe.

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