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10-years-ago, when I was just a high school student with not many responsibilities other than racing home to watch “106& Park,” Beyonce made her solo debut, releasing the funky 70s inspired hit “Crazy In Love.” Sashaying through the set with a pair of ferocious red pumps, Beyonce, as she always does, indefinitely changed the music game. And just in case, you don’t believe this to be true, Jay-Z was on set to provide an extra flare.

Beyonce, booty peeking out of blue pum pum shorts and wife beater cradling her small bust, brought the video to BET, where is soon became number one on many of their countdowns–and it was to no surprise. With ambitious visuals accompanying the infectious hook, “Crazy In Love” instantly became the summer anthem of 2003.

Bey posted these photos on her Instagram and Tumblr pages to celebrate:

From Instagram:

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