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beautiful-womenI’m sure you’ve experienced it before–the person who can walk into a room and light the whole space with their personality. Their smile, their aura, their just being there enhances the mood of everyone around them. I know I’ve experienced it before–sheer charisma. A traditional definition of charisma calls it a compelling attractiveness or charm, also a divinely conferred power or talent. I’ve always wondered, is that something they’ve learned or were they born that awesome?!

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Acclaimed performance coach and author of “INFECTIOUS: How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within” Allworth Press), Achim Nowak has figured out a ways to award us with charisma in case we weren’t born with it. Nowak claims that if you don’t already have charisma, you can get it. Nowak says that we all have it.

“It is a primal, sexual, animal, spiritual energy. It is an energy we all have – though for most of us, the channels to this energy are shut tight. But these channels can be opened!”

So how does one open these channels? First start by not comparing your charisma to anyone else’s. That’s easier said that done. But if you focus on your own charisma, it will manifest in its own unique way. Check out Nowak’s quick tips on learning charisma.


1. Enjoy being the center of attention.

It’s a simple decision that immediately challenges you to show up more fully. The moment you do, unexpected forces within you will be unleashed!

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