It’s not even Christmas yet but Oprah Winfrey is in the spirit of giving!

According to the Associated Press, the media mogul has agreed to donate $12 million to a forthcoming African-American museum in Washington D.C.

The National Museum of African-American History and Culture, which will be located on the National Mall, will include artifacts from Emmett Till’s casket, Harriet Tubman’s shawl and Jim Crow-era railroad cars. Sources say the $500 million museum will also house a 350-seat theater named after Winfrey.

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“I am so proud of African American history and its contributions to our nation as a whole,” she said in a statement. “I am deeply appreciative of those who paved the path for me and all who follow in their footsteps. By investing in this museum, I want to help ensure that we both honor and preserve our culture and history, so that the stories of who we are will live on for generations to come.”

Founding director Lonnie G. Bunch said, “Every donation, whether $25 or a $10 million corporate donation, is important. But truly, there’s only one Oprah Winfrey.”

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“In essence, she’s put her imprimatur on it,” he added. “Part of getting a museum built is tied to visibility helping all people see how important it is. Oprah Winfrey is someone so many people in America admire, and I think this is an important moment to the museum.”

This is the second large donation from the OWN network creator. She previously gave $1 million, making her total donation a whooping $13 million.

President Obama helped break the ground for the project in 2012. Doors are scheduled to open in late 2015.

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