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Yes, it’s official, summer time is finally here. While summer is of course the best season to kick back and unwind (cue Will Smith’s “Summertime”), it’s also easy to fall off from the normal bump and grind that you’ve had all year long and sink into lazy mode. While you’re busy being lazy, why not get a start on achieving some of the goals you’ve set for yourself this year? After all, what’s the perfect summer without the perfect bucket list? Let’s make this summer one of the best ones, yet! Check out a few goals to add to your bucket-list this summer!

1. Start A Vision Board

In case you’re not familiar, a vision board is a collage of pictures and positive affirmations of your life long dreams and desires. The collage can be made up of anything: magazine cut outs, news paper clippings, positive sayings, pictures of your role models, anything! Making a vision board is an awesome way to help you feel great about your future and give you a positive spin on your life!  Since we’re already halfway through the year, now could be the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your yearly plan and actually put it into action! A vision board is the perfect way to vision your dreams manifesting into your life! Take your time on your vision board to make it fit your personality and your goals. After all, the vision board is a reflection of your life and the life you desire to have!

2. Try  Something New

Whether it’s a new type of food, a different restaurant, sky diving, jet skiing, surfing, or something as simple as a new drink – use this summer as an opportunity to do something that you’ve never done before!

3. Visit A Place You’ve Never Been

Why not book a ticket to a city or country that you’ve never been before? Explore new places, try new foods, take in new scenery, meet new people and fill your passport with new stamps! Summer time is the best time to travel!

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4. Read A New Book

Whether you know it or not ladies, reading is sexy! Why not spend some of your summer renewing your mind and indulging in a new book? Perfect for those relaxing days lounging by the pool or laying out on the beach!

5. Make 5 New Friends

This may or may not be a challenge for you depending on how outgoing you are, but we could all use a few new faces in our network! During the summer, everyone is feeling extremely friendly so why not take this opportunity to meet a couple new people? You might find your new business partner, new bestie or even your future boo! Forget the saying, “no new friends” and mingle!

6. Volunteer

Volunteering is something that can be done all year round but while you have the extra energy and free time in the summer, it’s definitely fun to do now! Especially since the kiddies are out of school for the summer, volunteering at a kid’s camp could be tons of fun!

7. Get A Tan

What’s a good summer without that perfect bronzed glow!? Just be sure to wear that sunblock!

8. Remove Clutter From Your Life (friends, old clothes, extra junk)

Take this time to evaluate the clutter in your life and get rid of it! Whether it’s old clothes, extra junk laying around your house or a relationship that’s weighing you down – the summer is a time to be free, find yourself and have fun and you definitely won’t be able to do that with clutter in your life! Get rid of it!

9. Take A Road Trip

What’s a good summer season without a fun road trip! Grab your best friends, create your perfect road trip play list, pile up in a car and hit the open road! Road trips are great bonding tools and also great for creating new memories.

10. Stay Up All Night

If you live in a city like New York, this shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish! This is just strictly for those nights when you want to let your hair down and go crazy with your best girlfriends! Some of the best memories are made this way! Whether you choose to bar hop, hang out on the beach, throw an all night BBQ or just chill out on your porch and crack jokes all night, nothing beats a great summer night (with good clean fun) where you’re awake to watch the sun rise!

Whatever you do this summer, the common goal is: make new memories! At the end of the summer, all you’ll have are your memories so you might as well make them fantastic!

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