Let me start by saying this–I love my job. I am one of the lucky few that can actually say that. However, that does not exempt me from the constant tedium that surround the 9-5-ers of the world. As a creative, I thrive on a changing environment, constantly challenging my comfort zone.

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I know we get stuck in our routines, especially when our work days are typical. I’ve got some tips to shake things up and make work, dare I say it…fun! There’s no reason your cubicle should feel like a prison. Check out these tips from Margaret Heffernan.

1. Encourage creativity

Creative people get ideas by watching what other creative people make. That means they are productive to the degree that they have the time and opportunity to have a life. SHIFT Communications reimburses each employee $100 per year when they attend Broadway shows, sporting adventures or go to the opera. It’s a great way of making sure no one gets stale; creativity feeds on creativity. And companies don’t have idea — people do.

2. Meeting-free days

Incessant meetings are the one reason invariably given when people explain why they left their jobs to work for themselves. So reward employees with one day a week when there won’t be any meetings. Mondays are popular choices because everyone can start the week by being productive; other companies prefer Fridays because people leave feeling their work has been finished and they’re free for the weekend. Whichever you prefer – it costs nothing and gains a lot.

Productivity software maker (recently acquired by goes one step further: It has no meetings at all — just a show-and-tell session on Mondays. That’s it. The company also provides a catered lunch four days a week and a staff-built jukebox with everyone’s favorite tunes.

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