Trina Braxton is finally chucking the deuces to her husband of 10 years, Grabriel Adrian-Solis.

Sources say the 38-year-old singer filed for divorce in a Georgia court, citing her marriage was irretrievably broken. The couple officially separated in March and have been living separate houses ever since.

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The divorce news doesnt come as a surprise for “Braxton Family Values” viewers as Trina and Gabe’s martial problems were a regular topic on the show. In Feburaty 2012, Gabe admitted he was a sex addict and had heated on his wife with mutliple women through a social network. In return, Trina admitted to having an “oral transaction” with one of her band members and even threatened to file for divorce.

In September, despite much criticism, the couple decided to renew their wedding vows but apparently it was a little too late.

Although Trina threatened to leave Gabe before, this time seems like the deal this time.

TMZ reports:

Trina says she’ll try to work out a financial agreement with her estranged husband to divvy up their assets (and debts) as calmly as possible. She’s asking for a total divorce, claiming there’s no hope for reconciliation.

The former lovebirds tied the knot in August 2003.


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