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Unfortunately, we’ve come to the end of “Braxton Family Values” season 2.5. The girls got ready for their trip to St. Lucia where Toni was set to perform. But, before they could leave, Trina, Traci and Tamar visited a therapist to discuss Trina’s rocky situation with Gabe. “He’s trying to worm his way back in Trina’s heart, her head, and her drawers!” said Tamar during their therapy session. Don’t ask why all of the ladies had to be there. We know the Braxton sisters are codependent! “I just need you guys to respect my choice,” Trina told her sisters.

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Check out a clip from the therapy session here:

Once the girls arrived in St. Lucia, Trina’s choice became blatantly clear. She brought Gabe along as her “secret guest.“ “At the end of the day, it’s about my happiness and my life,” Trina says on her decision to stay with Gabe. “Gabe seems to be doing a complete 180, and I say 180 as opposed to a 360 because he’s not going full circle back to the man he was.  I see him almost transforming before my eyes!” That’s great news, but how often do people change? It looks like Mama Ev’s makeover had a full effect on Gabe’s outward and inward appearance. *fingers crossed*

While in St. Lucia, the couple falls in love all over again! They take a romantic walk on the beach and reminisce about their happier times. While on the beach, Gabe pauses, gets down on one knee and proposes to Trina! I have to say that we really love this new and improved Gabe. Hopefully the other girls will love the new Gabe also! “We gave each other a second chance.  I didn’t just give him one, he gave me one,” Trina explained of her also needing to get another chance to redeem herself as well.

When it’s time for Toni to hit the stage, her nerves are on edge but once she takes the microphone with her two sisters singing backup, she’s in her element! “This is why we were all born.  This is what we were supposed to do,” Tamar said. I definitely have to agree, these girls belong on stage!

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After Toni’s amazing performance, the girls gather for cocktails and bonding time. Things go well for the first 20 minutes until the conversation switches to Trina and Gabe. “She has a good 72 hours before he has sex with something else; a bird, a dog, a cat, the ear, nostril, whatever has a hole,” Tamar jokes in her confessional.

Trina tries to ignore her sister’s comments about her husband, especially since they plan to renew their vows during the vacation. “You have to do what makes you happy, and if he makes you happy go for it,” Toni tells her. Finally, someone gives her supportive advice.

Trina finally announces to her family that she’s renewing her vows with her husband, after confessing to them that she is still in love. Despite Tamar’s disgusted look and Towanda’s obvious confusion, her sisters agree to stand by Trina in her decision.

It’s finally time for the ceremony and all of the sister’s walk in and are shocked to see the new and improved version of Gabe (without his pony tail and facial hair). “He no longer looks like Jesus! He looks like a Mexican James Bond!” Towanda laughs.

When Trina walks down the aisle with her father, you can tell that she is head over heels about her husband again! Mama E and Papa Braxton give the couple a few words of advice to Trina and Gabe, “Work at it. Be faithful and fair.” Congratulations to Trina and Gabe on rekindling their relationship!

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