This app will make bashful parents very happy. It will tackle all those tough questions your precocious kid has about the birds and the bees. Yes–sex. So the next time your adorable kid approaches you with the loaded question, “Where do babies come from?” This new iPad app provides parents with a fun and painless way to get through these questions. Complete with colorful graphic to appeal to kids and text that guides parents to click through the “tree of knowledge,” while building a virtual foundation of opening up the conversation of sex and its consequences.

The branches on the tree of knowledge cover: conversations, body parts and functions, boundaries, sexuality, relationships, pregnancy and reproduction, condoms, HIV/AIDS, menstruation and much more. Special emphasis has been placed on age appropriate education on the social issues that often cannot be found in existing curricula.

Free with an option to upgrade to the premium app for $12.99

Designed specifically for the iPad & iPad Mini.

Available for download at the Apple iTunes Store


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