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Legal Breakdowns Of The Hottest Entertainment & Celebrity DramaKOBE BRYANT’S MEMORABILIA COURT BATTLE:

Basketball superstar Kobe Bean Bryant and his mother Pamela Bryant are embroiled in a court battle in U.S. District Court in Camden, New Jersey over Pamela’s intention to sell personal sports memorabilia of the famed superstar. It is reported that Pamela is selling the items left in her home to assist in the purchase of another home in Nevada. Last week, the Judge granted a Temporary Injunction halting the sale of these items which included NBA Championship Rings, Sweat Suits, a basketball signed by the Lakers team, and other items from his days of playing High School basketball at Lower Merion.

What Does This Mean?

A temporary injunction or temporary restraining order prohibits a party, particularly the defendant in most cases, from taking a specific action or actions while the Court continues to hear the case. In this case, Kobe’s counsel most likely filed a Motion or Order to Show Cause, requiring the defendant, his mother Pamela, to argue to the Court why a temporary order should not be granted halting the sale of the personal items.

The Court seems to have agreed with Kobe’s counsel as Pamela Bryant was temporarily prohibited from selling, destroying or otherwise disposing of the items in question.

How Does This Affect You?

A temporary injunction or temporary restraining order can be granted in many different types of cases. They are granted in family law matters, prohibiting one parent from taking a child from a specific jurisdiction, probate matters, prohibiting an executor from disbursing personal or real property and also in breach of contract matters, prohibiting a person from selling, destroying or disposing of particular property. If you are involved in a matter of urgency and it can be proven to the Court to halt a specific action, which will prejudice you if not stopped, then a Temporary Injunction is necessary while the matter is being heard by the Court.

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