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Nene Leakes, Bravo’s highest paid housewife, recently sat down with host Andy Cohen for a special episode of “Watch What Happens: Live: NeNe One-On-One.” During the no-holds-barred interview, no question seems to be off limits and the gushed about how she really feels about he other housewives on the network.

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Take a look at what she had to say below.

On fellow Atlanta housewife Porsha Stewart:

“I did feel that Porsha at that time needed to leave the show because there was something – I’m a good judge of character; I’ve been blessed, child, I’ve been given a gift – and I kept feeling like Porsha and Kordell were not being real enough,” she said.

“Now that he’s out of the picture…she can be herself,” NeNe explained.

On former Atlanta housewife Sheree Whitfield:

“Sheree, out of all of the girls, is the very one person I will never have anything else to do with. I think Sheree is very evil. I think she’s very mean and she is the true b*tch. And that’s not cute…To be honest, Sheree and I had an argument before the cameras actually started rolling. It was like our first ‘Housewives’ meeting with the production company and we were in a restaurant and Sheree and I got into our first argument… I just felt Sheree wasn’t being a good friend. Like, I felt like she would always want information from you, like you tell her stuff but she’d never really tell you anything. And I hated that about her. You know, I was just like ‘Listen, I’m the kind of friend that, like if I tell you about something, you tell me about something’. And she never would tell me about stuff. I felt like she was just super secretive. I hated that about her.”

On Beverly Hills housewife Brandi Glanville:

“Brandi’s just a train wreck. Just a wreck. Just a wreck,” she said. “She’s just off the chain, she’s off the hook [with] a lot of the things that she has to say, just so talkative.”

“I like her when she’s not drinking. Brandi and drinks don’t work for me,” she added. “She thinks she’s a gangsta, or something. She thinks she can get in people’s faces and say whatever she wants to say.”

On Beverly Hills housewife Lisa Vanderpump:

She’s “very weird,” she said. “She’s looking really thin, and that’s probably because of the Dancing with the Stars thing.”

On New Jersey housewives Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga:

“I like Jersey. I just think they’re such gangstas. I just love them. They’re so entertaining to me but you know what? They’re getting a little too nasty,” she said. “I feel for Teresa because there’s something about being the first one in–when you’re the first one in on one of these shows and somebody comes behind you, it’s sort of like, hold on, you need to respect the veteran. I was here first…you need to play on my territory. So I kind of sided with Teresa in that area. Melissa, you came on her show. So you watched her on television and you wanted to be on the show like she was. No, girl, take a seat now! You’re not a veteran.”

On Vicki Gunvalson of Orange County and Ramona Singer of New York:

“Vicki is the boss, Ramona is the boss, I’m the boss. You came on my show because you were watching me at home and you wanted to be just like me. That’s why you joined the show. All of us are original housewives and we have a work ethic that is very different than the new girls that come on the show. All of us work our ass off. All of us definitely have big personalities [but] no one can out-talk Ramona.”

She went on to say the she and former RHOA cast member Kim Zolciak have been texting in ever since their surprising hug at the Atlanta reunion show.

What do you think of what NeNe had to say about Bravo’s other housewives? Do you agree or disagree?


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