Porsha Stewart took pride in the way she conducted her home. She treated it like a business–on call for her family’s needs, including the majority of her attention which she placed on her husband. Constantly criticized by the “RHOA” cast for her traditional “housewife” views, she defended her marriage in every breath. But, it would eventually blow up in her face. Sadly, Porsha found out about her divorce to husband Kordell via the Internet.

Some think it’s a scam for ratings, but cast mate Kandi Burruss, is positive it was nothing of the sort! “No,” Kandi sternly declared when we asked her if she thought the divorce was a ploy. “I was so sad for Porsha. I hated that happened to her,” she mentioned. Porsha also denies allegations that her aching heart is all an act. “That’s absolutely ridiculous,” her rep said in a statement. Kandi, who is promoting her reality show “The Kandi Factory,” acknowledged that she was harsh on Porsha during the taping of “RHOA” and apologized because her family shares many of Porsha’s beliefs.

“At the reunion she was so passionate about her marriage and standing up for her marriage. To find out that she did all of that and he slaps her with the divorce papers a couple of days later. That was like ‘Damn,’ she revealed.

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