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Who knew that making it rain in the strip club could turn into an assault case?

Well, Trey Songz learned this lesson first hand but luckily he’s been cleared of all charges.

In Decemember, a woman at Club Perfection in New York pressed charges against R&B singer for throwing “sum of United States currency” at her face, “causing substantial pain to her left eye.” According to TMZ, prosecutors were unable to find enough evidence to prove Trey hit the women in the face with money, and ultimately failed to prove he did anything illegal.

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He’s now officially of the hook. The Queens D.A.’s office said, “There would be no clear case of misconduct. There was just no high level of recklessness.”

In related news, Trey Songz has found a way to mix elements of social networking with his fan club and it’s turned out to be very lucrative business move.

Billboard reports that his online fan club, Trey Songz—The Angel Network, generates around $54,000 a month. The creators of the app, Handmade Mobile, estimate that “if Songz can convince 300,000 of his 15 million followers on other social networks to use the app he could potentially generate $250,000 a month in gross sales.”

According to Handmade Mobile, The Angel Network “aims to re-create the fan club as a social network for the always-on generation.”


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