I came across the cutest video on NecoleBitchie this morning. Wanda, a Texas woman, thought cameras were coming into her home because she entered a contest for a chance to win tickets to the Trey Songz concert, a limo ride there and $1,000 to spend at Macy’s via radio station K104. Little did she know, as she showed off her zebra print and red booties and strapless peplum black dress, she had already won and her prize was on the way! Trey Songz knocked on her door moments later and dried her fan tears when they trickled down her cheeks.

Now if that were me…If I were Wanda… things would have gone a little bit differently.


First things first, I would opened the door in my concert outfit. Listen you can’t take chances out here. Always dress to impress. You never know when a WorldStar moment can happen! If I wasn’t dressed in the appropriate attire, I would have slammed the door shut until I looked more presentable (scratch the booties).


Secondly, I would have had food prepared. My momma always said, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” And what if you had to jet off in an instance. You’re going to need energy and that means a stomach on full!


I would have had Trey Songz playing. So corny, I know but how romantic would it have been if Trey knocked as his song “Doorbell” played simultaneously. Sure she didn’t know he was coming, but better safe than sorry!


Light a candle. A little seduction never hurt anybody, after all it is what he built his musical empire on.


Last but surely not least, I would have asked for him to pose in a picture with me that I would, of course, post on Instagram. But when he leaned in close, I would steal a kiss and write a caption that would lead blog sites to believe that we were a couple! Hehe

Congrats Wanda!

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