The “R&B Divas” are back for another season, this time with two new divas joining the cast: Latocha Scott and Angie Stone! The first episode set the tone for this upcoming drama filled season, and although Faith Evans was noticeably missing from this episode, the ladies didn’t fail to bring the drama without her. Check out the recap below.

Get To Steppin’!

Although Faith Evans didn’t appear on this week’s episode, we’re able to eavesdrop on a conversation between her and Syleena Johnson indicating that some big news is coming which I’m sure will be revealed in this season! After her phone call, Syleena decided that she wanted the ladies to go on tour together and invited all of the girls over to discuss her idea. She attempted to reach out to Nicci several times, leaving her message after message to let her know about the meeting but, for some reason Nicci never returned Syleena’s phone call.

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Interestingly enough, these two still haven’t resolved their tension from last season and it looked like Nicci had no shame in stirring the pot a little bit more. Syleena decided to go through with the meeting and was surprised when Nicci actually showed up for the meeting! Just when we thought the girls were attempting to move on from the drama of last season, Syleena brought up the touring idea and the girls began arguing. Nicci wasn’t impressed and Syleena felt as though she was trying to steal her shine. Things escalated and ended with Syleena kicking Nicci out of the house in good old Martin Lawrence style, “get to steppin’!” So much for letting the past go!

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