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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 15% of women say that they’re “worn out” and “exhausted” most days or every day compared with 10% of men. Only 10%?! I could have sworn that statistic would be a LOT higher. I mean, according to Beyonce, we are the ones who are strong enough to bare the children, then get back to business! Somewhere in the midst of pushing out babies and sending out emails, we are just…tired!

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The results show that the older we all are, the more tired we all are–despite our gender. The gender gap fades as the years go by.

But this study doesn’t offer us any new information. We’ve always known that women typically have to schlep through the “2nd shift,” which usually happens after 6pm when work ends and the real work of being a wife, mother, homework helper, dinner cooker and if we can squeeze it in, girlfriend gabber, begins.

Not to say men don’t have more work to do after their 9-5 is over, but maybe they’ve got the key to getting the proper rest?  What do you beauties think?

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