2. She checks her haters!

When Mona addressed the backlash from her shows I immediately checked myself. It felt like she was speaking directly to me–and really she was. In my mind, I had charged Mona with the responsibility of representing black women, the way I wanted black women to be seen. When in reality (pun intended), her shows do represent black women. Just not any black women I’m friends with.

3. She’s got mad confidence!

Last night I learned that Mona and I had a lot in common. There’s a certain level of validation that some people seek, I just don’t care about. Especially if it’s something I’ve created that I believe is awesome. We can all thank Mona for our Monday night ratchet TV addiction. And whether you like it, love it, or secretly adore it–she’s behind her brand regardless of what you’re thinking.

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