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CNN has started a new campaign with a catchy, Hip-Hop-inspired catchphrase, “Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.” The campaign shows off old talent the news channel has retained, as well as boasts newer talents like Jack Tapper, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Bolduan. However, one thing the campaign doesn’t show is one single, solitary Black face included in the “new” CNN.

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The image has a mission at the bottom that claims:

“From the world-class journalism and storytelling you know, to the new and reimagined programming you’ll discover—we are broadening our reach so that you can broaden yours.”

So CNN is broadening their reach by limiting their expression of cultural diversity? That’s an interesting take on broadening their reach. If anything, I’d say they are limiting their reach by closing off the Black viewer. We all know everything from music to TV and everything in between works better when the consumer sees themselves represented. While there are faces of color in the “new” CNN like Christianne Amanpour, Fareed Zakaria and Sanjay Gupta.

We all know Black faces don’t last long on CNN. Roland Martin ended his five-year relationship with CNN last month and #TeamBeautiful favorite, Soledad O’Brien recently parted ways with the news authority and called it a “win-win.”

I wonder if CNN has any plans of adding Black faces to the “new” CNN lineup? What do you beauties think about this “new” CNN? Let’s chat on Twitter @Rhapsodani!

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