MUST READ: Jay-Z & Jada Pinkett Team Up To Shed New Light On Revolutionary Woman In ‘Free Angela’[EXCLUSIVE]

“That life changing moment came when a tall, slim cat approached me. His lips were full and thick. His smile had a sort of cockiness to it. His swag was one of the most confident I’d ever seen. He was kind of cute although many people beg to differ. He introduced himself to me as Jay-Z. The name wasn’t familiar at the time. I didn’t know he was the cat who just released what is now considered a hip-hop classic, the album ‘Reasonable Doubt.’ “

& Dame Dash

“Dame had the money, he just sucked in bedroom. I do literally mean sucked. He got off on licking me like a cat licks its newborn kittens. The memory of his tongue slurping in my ear, filling it with saliva still haunts me now. All that nasty wetness made the sex horrible.”

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