Everyone loves a good tell-all…besides the names listed in the memoir. “Love & Hip Hop” cast member Winter Ramos is the latest former industry-used female to speak out about her misguided years in the abusive music business. Her 223-pager, titled “Game Over” is a detailed biography filled with enough celebrity names to keep you enticed to make it through each chapter to the end. “Game Over” is no literary masterpiece, but it does exactly what is supposed to do–spills the tea on your favorite rappers of the past and present.

Like Superhead‘s writing debut “Confessions Of A Video Vixen,” Winter’s book is an eerie reminder of what some women will do for money and fame. The common denominator in it all is the missing fatherly presence that seems to breed women like Winter who look to men for that void. “That seemed to be the norm, none of my friends had fathers around,” Winter mentions in the first page of her first chapter.

Aside from the daddy issues that are all too common in groupies, “Game Over” exposes rappers for two-timing, sexual beings whose bank accounts don’t match their flamboyant lifestyles. But, more than that, it puts the women who chase after them, on front street.

“After being around Dame and his glamorous lifestyle for an entire summer, my sense of entitlement had increased. It was bad enough that I’d been spoiled by my mother’s family my entire life, but now I felt as if I deserved the best-nothing less. The gifts Dame showered me with and the ‘benefits package’ that came along with being around him made me want more,” an excerpt from “Game Over”

Winter’s hunger for extravagance fuels most of “Game Over.” Her cautionary tale is one we’ve heard before, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Groomed in Brooklyn’s Cyprus Hill projects, Winter claims she learned her hood demeanor from her environment–that was filled with black faces. Her introduction to the lavish life, by her older drug dealing boyfriend, introduced her to a drug she’d sacrifice so much to attain.

She frequently apologizes for the intimate stories she is sharing, the names she is putting out there to be judged (and, there are a lot). So, before the book hits shelves. allow me to introduce you to some of these names she mentions in “Game Over.”

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