According to a new study, your birth control will not only control whether or not you get pregnant, but it will also control who you’re attracted to. In this study, it was proven that women who take birth control were less partial to masculine facial features when they were on the pill, as compared to being off of it.

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The study showed 18 straight college-aged women in the U.K. composite images of men’s and women’s faces. They were told to adjust the images until they’d zeroed in on the face they’d be most attracted to for a short-term or long-term relationship. These women were tested once on the pill and three months later, off the pill.

Women on the pill were less inclined to pick masculine features like stronger jaw lines and prominent brows ridges and they showed no negative effects towards women’s features. This study was split into two parts and the second part assessed 170 couples. Half of the couples had women who were on birth control when they met their mate and the other half were women who were not. The researchers showed photos of the men to volunteers, who rated the masculinity of their image. It’s being reported that the women who were on the pill when they met their partners tended to be in a relationship with men whose faces were less manly.

Anthony Little, a study researcher claims, “The pill changes the hormonal profile of women, and this hormonal profile influences bodily processes concerned with conception and reproduction.” So, if you’re on the pill, look at the man you’re dating. How manly are his features?

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