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Chris Brown is on the promo trail for his new album “X,” which means he is going to play nice with the media. Maybe that was harsh of me. It is very possible that Chris is really just maturing into the man we all hoped he’d be. But, it’s just a little odd that it’s coincidentally happening circa the forthcoming release of his new project. And, the fact that last year he banned all media interviews.

Brown smiled and giggled as he was interrogated by “Today Show” host Matt Lauer, leading people to believe in the “Sweet Love” singer’s potential again! And, if you think it was by luck, he didn’t get up and toss a chair through the window, you may be surprised to know, he visited the “Angie Martinez Show” the night before, where he captured the hearts of haters with the same charm that probably captured Rihanna!

Breezy was more than willing to answer every question thrown his way. From the mention of his domestic violence issues and love triangles, Breezy opened up in a way we’ve never seen before. Keep reading to see what he had to say about his relationship with Rihanna, beef with Drake and turning down Oprah!

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“We’re fine. I think in the actual interview they tried to depict that [we broke up]. I think they [got that] from an interview from like a year ago. Yeah, we’re fine,” Breezy confirmed to Lauer. “I think it’s just me proving myself once again. Knowing that what I did was wrong, and never doing it again. So as far as me and (Rihanna) are concerned, she knows my heart, and I know her heart. So I’m not really focused on the negative. Everything about it is positive for me. I did my 52 weeks of counseling and learned that it was absolutely wrong. It was counseling, a 52 week program. Every Monday in Virginia. I remember going and just sitting in there [thinking], ‘Why did I do what I did?’ And really wanting to just get help.”


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