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Erica Mena is gorgeous. Great. Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, I can progress onto the disaster that is her music video “Where Did I Go From Here.” After watching three minutes of the J Jesses Smith directed visuals, I realize ‘Where Do I Go From Here?” is a great question. Seriously, where do I go knowing Erica Mena’s breast have a mind of their own and at any given moment can, miraculously, desnap the bra in which they were placed and roam free. Why did Erica choose music. Why?

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I feel disrespected by Mena for attempting to display some sort of acting kills skills, let alone singing. But, hey, I get what I get for clicking play in the first place! Mena’s video begins when she walks into her fabulous apartment, that overlooks the water. She sits down at her desk, sips some Henny, where she finds a Dear John letter (which later turns into a Dear Jane letter). Clearly, Erica Mena does not live in a world where people find out about their divorces through TMZ or on Facebook like everyone else. After finding the two-pager, she struts to the bath tub and hops in–fully clothed. Damn you tub, for taking your obnoxious time to fill with liquid that would actually make this entire scene make sense! Bouncing up and down as she tried to emote melancholy, bubbles crowded only around one elbow and one knee. The real question is, “can I have some water in my boobs?”

After punching the water, probably in frustration over the direction her dream debut is going in, she got out the tub and headed to the shower–where she revealed her jail tattoo of the name Sally. Side eye. After twirling like the ballerina in your singing jewelry box, she runs her fingers over the shower door for that good ole’ “Titanic” effect. By now, her bra and panties are, of course, missing in action. We’re subjected to focusing on Erica’s bare body. That is if you don’t count the pounds of waterproof makeup she has on, that hasn’t even faded…not even a smudge. The video ends with Mena crouched down in the corner of her standup shower. As the frame faded away, it dawned on me. It’s April Fool’s Day! Duh. This is all a joke. Sigh. That was a close one!

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