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Michelle Obama’s bangs may have made countless headlines and caused many young women rush to their hairstylists to snip their tresses, but not everyone was impressed with the FLOTUS’ latest hairstyle. One Huffington Post blogger, Marlon Regis thinks it’s time for Michelle to rock an afro.

“But what if she rocked an Afro? You know, that natural African-American hairstyle that was popularized by so many in the 1970s. C’mon, it’ll be fun. It doesn’t have to be Angela “black activist” Davis-high. It could be short, you know, “TWA” (teeny-weeny afro) style — acceptable in a White House standard sort of way, still ensuring President Barack’s her same height or slightly taller. More threatening!

No, not a “black thing”? More of a natural thing! Last time I checked, she was “blacker” than Barack. Besides, he got his naturals and made it (taking his family) all the way to the White House!”

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So the President is rocking his “natural” hair, so Michelle should too? There’s no parallel between Black men’s hair and Black women’s. Men like Reverend Al Sharpton, Snoop or Katt Williams, who decide to relax their hair don’t fall into the same strict categories of #TeamNatural or #TeamCreamyCrack. Women have these ridiculous terms for points of reference and honestly, it’s created a divide between natural sisters and women who prefer the smooth textures relaxers give their hair.

While I don’t think it’s necessary that the FLOTUS releases herself from the shackles of the perm, I do understand Marlon’s request for her to embrace the natural textures of her hair. Remember seeing Viola Davis on the red carpet in her natural? Or Aleck Wek stomping down the runway rocking a close natural ‘do that allowed her to stand out from the crowd? There’s power in embracing your true self. To let Marlon tell it:

“You see, Mrs. FLOTUS, if you rock a ‘fro or revert back to your natural hair in the many styles that’ll be cool and acceptable, just like you do with the straightened, unnatural hair — à la bangs — you could also be making even a bigger move in White House history. As the first lady, you’d definitely get some heat, especially from the right and right-wing media — even liberals, too. Hell, even your own black sisters might light up the Twitter-verse! But you’d be starting an honest conversation. You’d also be showing to millions of unqualified or qualified, professional or street, beautiful or not-so-pretty females of color, that even with centuries of conditioning (pun intended!), rocking your natural hair doesn’t necessarily mean you’re anti-white or making some militant stance for anything, either. You’re just being true to yourself.”

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