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Fresh off the plane from Italy, the Braxton sisters geared up for their next sisters vacation. This time, they jetted off to Canada while Toni filmed her first movie for some sister and mommy time. The girls were happy that Tamar was finally able to join them for the sisters vacay, but upset that she couldn’t leave her Velcro a.k.a Vince behind for a few days. Tension rose when Tamar wouldn’t fully participate in sister time without having Vince by her side, adding more fuel to the Braxton sister beef. Find out what happened on this episode of  “Braxton Family Values” below.

Sister Time & Mommy Time

The girls arrived in Canada for their mini-sisters getaway and went to visit Toni on the set of her new movie. Mommy was especially happy to have all of her girls there with her at one time, including Tamar, who was absent from the last sister trip. The girls took tours around Toni’s trailer and the movie set and it looked like things were sort of getting back to normal. The next day, Toni had a busy schedule on set so the girls planned to go site seeing and do some things that Canadians do regularly. They started with walking across a 450 foot long bridge that was 230 feet in the air which didn’t sit well with Tamar especially since she was afraid of heights. But Tamar decided that she would suck it up and try and participate in the plans for her sisters. The girls were very proud of Tamar. Her diva level was usually on 10, but today it was on a 6, so it looked like it could be a good day.

After attempting to walk across the bridge, Tamar realized that she wasn’t about to risk her life because the girls wanted to walk across the bridge so she decided to turn back and wait for the girls on the other side. Of course, the sisters were disappointed in Tamar but continued to make their way across the bridge anyway. After walking across the bridge, the sisters wanted to do cliff walking. This day wasn’t going well for Tamar at all! “Let’s go to drinks.  Let’s go to Neiman’s. This is not funners,” Tamar told cameras. After a lot of convincing, Tamar decided to continue to participate in the cliff walk with her sisters and the mood lightened while the girls laughed and joked the whole way. At least things were good.. for the time being.

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