Looks like Jay-Z is exploring new ventures and stepping out of his comfort zone.

Warner Bros. has officially confirmed that the rapper and CEO will executive produce the soundtrack for the upcoming adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby.

According to reports, the multi-platinum rapper plans to include “the world’s top musical artists” and infuse music of the 1920s with modern jazz and hip-hop.

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Jay-Z was introduced to the film’s director Baz Luhrmann by star Leonardo DiCaprio. Here’s what Luhrmann had to say about the hip-hopper’s involvement with the project:

“The question for me in approaching Gatsby was how to elicit from our audience the same level of excitement and pop cultural immediacy toward the world that Fitzgerald did for his audience? And in our age, the energy of jazz is caught in the energy of hip-hop,” he said.

Jay-Z added, “As soon as I spoke with Baz and Leonardo, I knew this was the right project.”

Not only will Hov serve as executive producer, he also plans to contribute new music to the film’s score, which is being composed by Craig Armstrong.

According to a press release, “The Great Gatsby is that classic American story of one’s introduction to extravagance, decadence and illusion. It’s ripe for experimentation and ready to be interpreted with a modern twist. The imagination Baz brought to ‘Moulin Rouge’ made it a masterpiece, and ‘Romeo + Juliet’s’ score wasn’t just in the background; the music became a character. This film’s vision and direction has all the makings of an epic experience.”

The Great Gatsby is schedule to hit theaters on May 10. Watch the film’s trailer, which features Jay-Z’s hit “No Church in the Wild,” below.



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