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Hey curlfriends! Looks like we’ve got a new appliance on the market especially made for us in mind. Curl champions, DevaCurl just introduced a pretty genius product for us curly girls who don’t frequent the hair salons. If you’re like me, air drying can take hours and by the time your hair is ready it’s a new day. The new DevaCurl Dryer & DevaFuser can help with that.


Using the philosophy of cutting and shaping natural hair one coil at a time, the DevaCurl Dryer guarantees softer, shinier, frizz-free curls, while the really nifty hand-shaped DevaFuser delivers a 360-degree airflow to gently dry curls.

I imagine this is like having your stylist work their magic right your bathroom. The dryer is lightweight and has dual temperature and speed settings.

All this convenience will cost you a whopping $160. But curlfriends, this might be a wise investment for the diva on-to-go.


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