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Bantu knots (or Zulu knots) are actually great for any hair texture and can help smooth out and define curlier tresses. On the flip side it can add a bit more curl to those with straighter hair. Here’s eight easy steps on creating the perfect knot.

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  • Steps 1-3: Thoroughly wash, condition, and detangle hair.
  • Step 4: Part damp hair into sections, using a comb.
  • Step 5: Using gel, setting lotion, or pomade for control, “screw” hair into a taut rope.
  • Step 6: Coil the twisted length around itself and secure in place.
  • Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 on each section until all of hair is knotted.
  • Step 8: For a knot-out, remove pins or elastics, un-tuck ends, and reverse the process.

If you still need a little help, watch this video from natural hair YouTube sensation, Taren Guy, on how create this truly versatile style.


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