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Actress Gabrielle Union, who was recently honored at the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, is now starring in “Riding Dirty with Officer Turner” via Shaq’s YouTube Channel, Comedy Shaq. According to the series’ channel, “GAY-bri-YELL Turner (played by Union) is an overzealous traffic cop without a clue, who gets off (literally) by pulling over random people for no reason—just because she’s bored, horny or both. Each of the traffic stops reveal surprising, over-the-top and hilarious results. In the vein of the show ‘Cops’ meets ‘Reno 911,’ this new show for the Comedy Shaq Network is sure to throw the book at funny.”

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Episode one starts with Officer Turner patrolling in her cop car, dishing the basics on everything from the correct spelling of her first name (“capital G, capital A, captial Y, hyphen, b-r-i, hyphen, capital Y-E-L-L”) to why she chooses to roll without backup. Though she claims, “Ughh, Bi*tc*, I don’t prefer crime,” she seems more than eager when she spots a swerving drunk driver (Bill Bellamy), anxiously telling us, “This is when the good sh*t starts!” After successfully pulling over the drunk driver who was just trying to get to his “people’s house down the road,” she experiences several difficulties getting him to cooperate with the lawful procedures.

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The show takes on a sudden turn and reveals that the drunk driver is actually Turner’s long-time boo of six years, even though he has an outside four-year-old son whose lactose intolerance “messes up every holiday.” The on-again-off-again couple shares quite a few emotional exchanges that are just as confusing as their insane relationship dynamic. From yelling at each other to loving each other to yelling at each other, they end up going their separate ways—at least until GAY-bri-YELL feels like faking another pregnancy!

The show is definitely one you have to see, if you haven’t already. It’s quite hilarious, and not just because I’m a biased Gabrielle fan. It’s full of random happenings that make absolutely no sense whatsoever and are strictly meant to entertain without giving too much thought to any of it. I’m the first to advocate on behalf of women and our portrayal through media, but for me this is just isn’t one of those moments. I’m sure that there will be some who find it repulsive, degrading and offensive, expressing their concerns of why it represents Black women poorly and perpetuates the stereotypical roles for women of color in Hollywood.

All in all, the gorgeous Gabrielle is an intelligent and talented actress, as proven through her long list of works; so this role is just another, in my opinion, that shows off her comedic skills and doesn’t do anything to tarnish her character or image.

Share below what you think of the series’ first episode! Do you find it funny, offensive, or are you indifferent? Either way, I’m interested to know your feedback!

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