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The Harlem Shake has sparked more debates than whether or not Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy. This weekend, MSNBC host, Melissa-Harris Perry used an entire segment of her show to shame the creators of the new Harlem Shake. “I wasn’t going to say anything about the mislabeled, so-called dance craze, really I wasn’t…” But, she just had to. Even though Harris-Perry claims she’s not “hating,” her rant comes off like a angry spoken word performance.

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The dance has deep roots in Harlem, so Harris-Perry wanted to be certain she shared that history with the world. She said, “Harlem has given birth to some of America’s most distinctive and original art, music and literature. And just as surely as Harlem has innovated, it has been invaded by those who come to Harlem with little sense of history or social context and no desire for political or economic solidarity.”

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Personally, I don’t think it’s that deep. Since this viral explosion, I’ve wondered–when was the last time YOU did the REAL Harlem Shake? Can we all collectively get over this “new” Harlem Shake? It’s fun, harmless and just like every other fad…will fade away before you even know it.

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